Welcome to the TYSC Tilburg Trappers History Site

This site with pictures and statistics about the TYSC "Tilburg Trappers" years is continually gathered together by an enthusiastic fan using known information from the TYSC Archives owned by the Stichting Archief TYSC Tilburg Trappers.
Once a week 4 men work in the archives under the supervision of the new chairman Peter Wouters.
Those men are:  Frank van den Broek, Henry van Berkel and Fons van Berkel.
Of course this site will be expanding with more historical topics, facts and pictures.

Any information you would like to share with us, suggestions or remarks you might have about the site will be greatly appreciated, if so please contact the Webmaster.


This site is dedicated to:

  • my father: Jan van Berkel
  • Jacques Herijgers the founder of the archive


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